The Process

Working with individuals and organizations is all about identifying what makes them unlike anyone else in their field.  Making that visible to their audience is essential for their success.  Some sites needed a custom format to show case their work; others need simple solutions with a powerful content management system to make frequent updates easy.  The best solution comes from a conversation: asking good questions and listening to people’s dreams.

Site Management

Eventually, even a site that is working well for a company is faced with the question of how to add a new product or services that just does not fit into the existing layout.  Or maybe it’s time to start blogging or sending a monthly news update.  I can provides maintenance services that do not drain your budget.  I am happy to make small “fixes,” help you develop a new section for your existing site or provide monthly assistance with email marketing.  Many of my clients come to us after a difficult design process, looking for reasonable, simple solutions to keep their sites working well.

Site Redesign Management

I can also assist in the management of your redesign project.  We think it is important to work with both your technical and marketing staff to identifying site goals, organize the site’s structure for the best user experience.  We can assist in the development of site content and assets, guiding you through the project until all project goals have been accomplished.

Client List:

Artists Bruce Morton

Artist Kelley K. Quinn

Macomb Food Coop

The Film Yahoo

Palo Alto PC

Western Illinois Museum

West Central Illinois Arts Center